Beach Constructions are a full service commercial construction company and are able to deliver projects across all sectors and delivery types. Our full range of services is detailed below.

Design and Construct

This process involves the client preparing a preliminary design and novating that design to Beach for completion. This delivery method generally reduces the principal’s risk.

The design and construct model is often used for large-scale domestic buildings (eg apartments), large commercial buildings and infrastructure work (eg road and rail projects).

With a single point of contact, a principal can utilise the Beach’s full expertise and have a fast tracked approach with in-built efficiencies, easier collaboration, less variations and access to well-established standard form contracts.

Construction Management

Construction Management, and Cost Plus which is similar in approach, is where the principal will pay a contractor for a project on the amount of money used to buy the materials required to complete the job plus an added payment for labour supervision and profit.

We use cost-plus contracts often in construction projects activities where it is difficult to determine in advance how much a project should cost. An example would be in heritage works were the quantity of work might not be fully evident at the point of establishing a contract.

Project Management

As project manager Beach will ensure that your project is managed to maximise time and cost efficiency and to ensure client satisfaction at the end of the project.

We will help define the project: why it is necessary and the key deliverables. Beach will prepare a business case and in turn secure corporate agreement and funding.

We devise and implement a management plan that monitors progress, budget and risks all while leading, maintaining momentum and communication with stakeholders. Beach will bring the project to successful conclusion at the appropriate time.

Project Feasibility

In its simplest terms, Beach has a great record of adjudicating feasibility, determining the cost required and the value that can be attained for a given project. We, as an objective party, thoroughly evaluate the potential for success via a careful process of looking at the perceived project, historical background and legal requirements.

Having Beach actualise your feasibility study, gives you peace of mind by prescribing the outcome before any capital, technical development and project implementation has been wasted.

Lump Sum

Beach are well versed in lump sum construction. Lump sum works reduce design and contract administration costs for the principal and works well for projects with a well-defined scope. When stable soil conditions, complete pre-construction studies and assessments are completed lump sum offers peace of mind for owner and builder and gives you a greater over total profitability.